Location & Activities

Avelux Villas are situated in the “semi-private” beachside town of Katakali. Not only is Katakali in close proximity to Athens (a mere 45 minute drive) but it is in the midst of some of Greece’s most historic sites and healing centers. Avelux Villas are the prime designation for groups, families and friends who want to vacation in a homelike accommodation while experiencing the best of Greek culture, history and beauty.

A Few Attractions Near Katakali Are as Follows:

Baths of Beautiful Helen- Only a 5 minute drive from Avelux Villas, the healing waters of beautiful Helen are a location where people come from all around Greece to bath. It is said that many physical and emotional ailments can be healed by bathing in these waters.

Nemea- Only 30 minutes from Katakali are the famous vineyards of Nemea. It is said that in Ancient Times the best and wines for the Gods where made in Nemea. In August and September the wine festivals provide and excellent activity for wine connoisseurs.

Ancient Corinth- Approximately 35 minutes from Katakali is the site of the Ruins of Ancient Corinth. This town is historical for the presence of St. Paul an Alexander the Great. With a comprehensive museum, Ancient Corinth now showcases the Acrocorinth, which houses the ruins of the Temple of Aphrodite, Temple of Apollo, the Temple of Octavia, the Sacred Springs and Asklepeion the sanctuary of the God of Healing.

Epidaurus- an approximate 25 minute drive from Katakali is the famous site of Asklepeion where many illness where healed. It is still noted for its healing energies. The Epidaurus Theatre with world famous acoustics in the summer months has Ancient Greek Theatre performances.

Monasteries- For those interested in Orthodox Tourism, the entire area surrounding Katakali is the home of some of Greece’s most famous monasteries that sell local food products that are hand crafted on the premises.

Loutraki- A 15 minute drive from Katakali has healing spas and baths that attract many tourists during the summer months. In addition, it provides tourists with a large venue of night entertainment and activities.

Poros Island- For those that a looking for day trip island activity to add to their Katakali vacation, a quick drive away and ferry takes you to the Island of Poros. With panoramic views and beautiful beaches and outdoor sports activities.

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